Hearing Loss Overview

Hearing loss can affect individuals of all ages and is more prevalent than you think. Approximately 15 percent (37.5 million) of American adults 18 years of age and older report some trouble hearing. Unfortunately, hearing aids are used by only 16 percent of Americans aged 20-69 who have hearing loss. At Wallace Center for Hearing we strive to change that last statistic for residents of the Illinois Valley area. We have the expertise to appropriately diagnose hearing disorders and the advanced technology readily available to treat hearing loss so no one has to suffer any longer. We encourage you to hear better and live better and we have the knowledge and tools to assure hearing success.
Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

There are different stages of hearing loss, from mild to profound hearing loss. But when people start to get hearing loss, they might:
  • Start listening to TV or the radio at a higher volume
  • Have difficulty understanding speech, particularly in noisy environments
  • Think that others are mumbling too much
  • Have trouble talking to people on the phone
  • Often ask people to repeat themselves
  • Feel exhausted after attending social gatherings
  • Experience Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

The loss of hearing may have adverse social and health effects on the person who has it. It is often attributed to a decline in the quality of life of the person suffering. 

Those with hearing loss tend to stay away from social situations, particularly in busy places such as bars and restaurants.  This results in withdrawal from socialization and isolation occurs.  Recent studies have also linked hearing loss to impaired memory, depression, and even dementia over the long term.

Types of Hearing Loss

Types of Hearing Loss