Why Wallace Center for Hearing

At Wallace Center for Hearing we are committed to providing improved quality of life through better hearing. You will receive exceptional hearing healthcare in a warm and caring environment. We provide each patient with a comprehensive medical evaluation allowing us to appropriately diagnose your hearing loss and provide you with the recommendations and treatment options needed to guide you to improved hearing. Every patient is unique and so are our treatment plans. The technology we offer is state of the art and the follow up care and support we provide is a life-long commitment we guarantee. We love what we do and we care for our patients and it shows!
Why choose an audiologist for your hearing loss?
When seeking hearing help and pursuing hearing aids, it can be confusing to know where to go. Be well informed and know in advance if you will be seen by an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser. An audiologist (such as ourselves) is always the best choice and here is why.
Audiologist Hearing Aid Dispenser
University trained with Masters degrees or Doctorate degrees in Audiology requirement. High school diploma or Associates' degree requirement.
Medical professionals Sales professionals
Diagnostic hearing evaluations including tests of hearing sensitivity, speech understanding, middle ear function, inner ear and auditory nerve function. Hearing tests for the purpose of selling hearing aids.
Infants – Children - Teens - Adults Adults Only
Selection and fitting of hearing instruments and assistive listening devices Selection and fitting of hearing instruments and assistive listening devices
Legally permitted to bill Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies for diagnostic evaluations. Not qualified to bill Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance companies.
Cochlear implant candidacy examinations and programming Not qualified
Ototoxic monitoring for chemotherapy, radiation, and other ototoxic medications. Not qualified
Diagnostic assessments to identify balance and vestibular disorders Not qualified
Auditory processing evaluations Not qualified
Aural Rehabilitation Not qualified
Evaluation and management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Not qualified
Cerumen (ear wax) management related or unrelated to diagnostic evaluation, hearing aid use, or ear impressions. Not qualified
Implementation and management of hearing conservation programs Not qualified
If you’re ready to seek hearing loss treatment with an experienced and qualified audiologist contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!
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